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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Senior civil servants on the town

Yes Prime Minister's portrayal of government mandarins was never a flattering one. Fortunately, their characterisation was often over-the-top exageration and certainly does not reflect modern day civil servants at any level.

Nevertheless, this story in the Telegraph earlier this week, must have set some hares running. The paper says that thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money is being used to hire formal evening dress for civil servants:

The biggest beneficiary appears to have been the Ministry of Defence, which has spent £18,616.71 on hiring evening dress over the past five years.

This coincides with the armed forces, who have already complained of being poorly equipped, being in the firing line for sweeping spending cuts.

It has settled 103 claims, equivalent to just over £180 a time. In the last financial year alone, taxpayers spent just over £3,000 ensuring that MoD officials looked the part at formal gatherings.

Meanwhile over at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, the bill for reimbursing 23 claims for formal dress hire was £2,807.85 – working out at £122 a time.

The Solicitor General’s department said it had recorded one claim of £75 for full evening dress in 2008.

Details from other departments, such as the Foreign Office, are expected to emerge over the next few days.

However according to the Moss Bros website formal dinner wear can be hired for as little as £38 a time.

Perhaps a review of terms and conditions is overdue.
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