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Saturday, April 27, 2013

What UKIP candidates really think

Today's Daily Telegraph performs a bit of a public service by revealing what motivates many UKIP local council candidates by questtioning them on their beliefs. I am sorry to say there are few surprises.

They say that the party is facing questions over its vetting after campaigners criticised the “far-Right connections” and “cuckoo conspiracy theories” of some of its potential councillors:

One candidate, Richard Wilkins, standing in the Isle of Wight, wrote on Twitter that Mick Philpott, who killed six of his children in a house fire, should have faced “chemical castration” to stop him claiming benefits for more than two children. He suggested Philpott should be “hung or burned at the stake” and objected to police charges against “three blokes [who] kill a pedo”, adding “if they can’t do it we will”. Mr Wilkins said he stood by his comments on “chemical castration and hanging” and wanted them printed “up in lights”.

Chris Scotton, who is standing in Leicester, has a Facebook page that endorses the far-Right English Defence League.

He has “liked” Facebook groups with names such as “No more mosques in Britain”, “Women deserve as much respect as men … LOL joke” and “Racism? No mate it’s just ethnic banter”.

David Waller, a candidate in Malling, Kent, referred to risk of tuberculosis after barriers to Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants are lifted next year. “I would suggest not going to London after January 2014 unless you absolutely have to and if you do, adopt the Japanese practice of wearing a face mask,” he wrote on his blog.

Mr Waller later told The Daily Telegraph he had not meant the remark to be serious and he is in no way xenophobic.

They add that Ukip has been forced to withdraw some of its candidates amid rows over their views. It suspended Anna-Maria Crampton, a candidate in East Sussex, over alleged comments blaming Jewish people for the Holocaust, and Sue Bowen in Cornwall after it emerged she was a former member of the British National Party.
How many Ukip councillors have been charged with causing an explosion likely to endanger life or damage property?
You and some of the trolls who have sought to post here are missing the point. The Welsh Liberal Democrats suspended the councillor from the party in Denbighshire as soon as he was charged. We have high standards and we expect our members to meet them. What this article is about though is the core beliefs of key activists who are representing their party in elections, presumably after going through an approval process. It is effectively what the party stands for. The picture painted in this article is a very poor one for UKIP.
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