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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Blairites put Miliband on notice

Another day and yet another Blairite emerges from the woodwork to offer unsolicited and no doubt unwanted advice to the Labour leader.

This time it is the former Home Secretary, David Blunkett who, according to the Guardian has backed Tony Blair in calling for a "one nation" Labour party based on more than just backing the "grievance of a resentful and selfish" public sector against budget cuts.

Given that Miliband has embraced such protest, as opposed to constructive opposition, as his main raison d'etre this is quite a fundamental criticism.

Blunkett says 'that Miliband needs "to speak to all parts of society from the "inner city with the rural hinterland, the more affluent south-east with the once powerful and prosperous economic engine room of the north".

He writes: "Changing the way in which we deliver our public services (as opposed to simply slashing and burning) offers common cause as much in Berkshire or Bedfordshire as it does in Bury or Bolton."

Over to you Mr. Miliband.
Is this the same man who was a leading figure in "The People's Republic of South Yorkshire"?
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