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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Swansea in 1908

This is brilliant.

This video was put together by West Glamorgan Archive service last year as part of Swansea Council's "Be Part of It!" countdown to the 2012 Olympics. It proved such a hit that it won the first Welsh Libraries marketing innovation award for archive service.

It was designed to show participants the landmarks and streets they would have passed had the event taken place in 1908 when the Olympics were first hosted by Great Britain.

Historic buildings like St Mary's Church and the Cross Keys pub are included as well as locations like the city centre, St Helen's Road and Victoria Park.

Other photos in the video show how Mumbles, Oystermouth Castle, the seafront, Sketty, Cockett and Fforestfach would have looked 100 years ago.
It illustrates just how much Swansea has declined after a century of Liberal, Labour, and LibDem led coalitions running the place.
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