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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Opening the floodgates

The Independent reports that there is a distinct possibility that Britain may be forced to lift its ban on political advertising when the European Court of Human Rights rules on its lawfulness tomorrow.

They say that the issue came to court after the campaign group Animal Defenders International (ADI) was told it could not run adverts highlighting the plight of caged primates. Because the organisation was not a charity, it was treated as a political group. ADI are arguing that this is a breach of its right to freedom of expression and appealed against the decision.

The paper adds that if ADI is successful, then the Government will have to amend the laws regarding political advertising or even lift the ban altogether, allowing all groups and parties to campaign on the airwaves.

Personally, I hope this is not the case. I do not want to see British television filled with attack ads from one party or another as in the USA, or have to go through the pain of the consequential review of campaigning rules that this will entail. I am sure the public feel the same.

If only we had media and press which wasn't dominated by the right wing or heavily influenced by the state, and sometimes downright politically censored.

The BBC has been used as a not too distanced tool of the state since its creation in 1922. It continues in that tradition to this day. It is not a reliable or balanced source of information or opinion.

Fundamentally, it's a constitutional issue. Thankfully, the British state is at last in terminal decline, its fragmentation guaranteed.

The ostrich head-in-the-sand attitude of unionist politicians who fail to grasp this constantly astounds me. They think they can perpetually fool the Scots into a belief that Tory/LibDem rule from London is in their best interests, or that a right-leaning Labour administration there would be any batter. Manipulation of the media and the press to achieve that end will only make matters worse as it's a subversion of what is already a very questionable democracy.
> British television filled with
> attack ads from one party or another
> as in the USA
or Italy or Russia, to name two more minatory examples.

What is more, it would put even more power in the hands of parties with money.

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