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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Labour let down first time buyers

The Welsh Housing Minister told an Assembly Committee today that a mortgage guarantee scheme, that has been under development for over a year, is being abandoned because the housebuilders they were working with on it have pulled out.

This scheme was agreed as part of a budget deal with the Welsh Liberal Democrats. Having dragged their heels for so long, the Welsh Labour Government has now left first time byers with no way forward to get on the housing ladder until the UK's scheme kicks in in April 2014.

This announcement comes in the same week that the Welsh Labour Government's £36 million back-to-work scheme, Genesis Cymru Wales 2, was wound up due to significant underperformance.

It seems that this Welsh Labour Government is incapable in getting anything right at all and sadly it is the people of Wales and the Welsh economy that is paying the price for their failings.
I think 'first time buyers' have been let down by all the political parties and Plaid in Wales. There are some very obvious solutions to this, but hey, our politicians have cotton-wool stuffed in their ears... cw
The people at Inside Out seem to agree with you. this must be a first.


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