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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unexpected deal on Leveson close

Today's Independent reports that the three leading political parties are close to signing up to a historic Royal Charter to implement the recommendations of Lord Justice Leveson on reforming regulation of the press.

They say that it is expected that the Royal Charter will be supported by statutory underpinning, with a clause inserted into existing government legislation in order to prevent future changes to the document without the authority of a substantial majority in Parliament.

Given where we where when the report first came out, with Clegg and Miliband ganging up on Cameron, that is quite a turn-around. It shows that agreement can be reached in politics on the most unlikeliest of issues.

Let us hope they pull it off.

Sadly, Cameron has just announced at a press conference (while two urgent statements were being debated in the House, be it noted) that the talks have "broken down". The briefing from Nick Clegg's office is in effect that they were broken off by Cameron while progress was still being made.

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