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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spiders in Cardiff

We live in interesting times. North East Wales is under several inches of snow and there is a Chilean Rose Tarantula spider allegedly loose in Cardiff. Only the discarded skin of the spider has been found so far but that has not prevented it acquiring a life of its own. It even has its own Twitter account.

I once had friends who kept pet Tarantula spiders, snakes and lizards. They misplaced one of the spiders, which are harmless by the way, and had forgotten all about it months later until they were packing up to move house and discovered the missing arachnid calmly clinging to the back of a suitcase. The people moving into that house could have had quite a shock if it had not been for that chance discovery.

The chances are that the missing Cardiff spider is still in the house where workmen discovered its skin but that has not stopped much speculation. I have to say that if I found it I would not be in a hurry to handle it, even though my friends used to do so at every opportunity. I am going to stick to cats as my pet of choice.
I like the tale of the Chilean Rose hiding out in Cardiff. I also know the friends you refer to and as a tarantula owner in the past would say they make interesting pets.
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