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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Holding out for a hero

It has been announced that Skewen girl, Bonnie Tyler is to represent the UK at the Eurovision song contest. A small part of Skewen will be represented in Sweden.

I have raised a Statement of Opinion at the National Assembly for Wales, so I will be urging all Assembly Members to show their support by congratulating and backing Bonnie.

I am sure she will do Wales proud as well as the whole of the UK at Eurovision this year.

What a shame that the only way that a Welsh performer can compete in Eurovision is by performing for the UK, or for any country other than Wales.

The Assembly's time would be much better spent campaigning to allow Wales to participate in the contest.
It will be interesting to see how many AMs support your statement of opinion regards Bonnie Tyler representing us in the Eurovision contest.

Only about half the AMs supported Rebecca Evans AM statement re cctv in slaughterhouses and most were tardy at that and many were urged to do so by their constituents.

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