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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

UKIP sets the trend by sacking official for being too liberal

The Independent reports on the decision of UKIP to sack the leader of their youth organisation for expressing his support for gay marriage on national radio. Presumably, it was the expression of a view contrary to that held by the reactionaries the party is currently trying to appeal to, rather that the fact that it was expressed on Radio Four that was the deciding factor in this decision.

The paper says that Olly Neville, who was appointed as chairman of Young Independence at the end of last year, was told by the party’s chairman that comments in support of gay marriage were “completely at odds with the party’s policy” and risked “seriously setting back the party’s current growth”:

In an earlier email, sent on 2 January after Mr Neville appeared on the World at One programme on BBC Radio 4, Mr Crowther said that Mr Neville had been “politically inept” and criticised his deviations from party policy on gay marriage and on the importance of the forthcoming European elections.

The email reads: “…your stated position on Gay Marriage is quite simply completely at odds with the Party's policy. Our policy on Gay Marriage is extremely important to us at this time. We have said specifically and repeatedly that we are opposed to the government's proposals on this, and that the Prime Minister has got it spectacularly wrong. For you to say precisely the opposite, on national radio, as the representative of YI, is absolutely unacceptable, and risks seriously setting back the party's current growth.”

After publicising his dismissal on Twitter last night Mr Neville told The Independent that his party was on “the wrong side of history” on gay marriage.

Being on the wrong side of history is a UKIP speciality so one should not really be surprised that they have achieved this feat once more.
Meanwhile the CP-Lib-Dem coalition is doing next to zip about the way seniors are treated - the discrimination at just about every level including access to medical treatments which are STILL denied based on age rather than effectiveness. Old people are suffering needlessly and you harp on about Gay Marriage - an important issue yes, but the human rights abuses of seniors is on a national scale that amounts to gross human rights abuse.
This is an off-topic comment but I have allowed it because it contains a serious allegation that needs to be answered. However, I am not aware of any examples that would support such a claim. Please give specific examples or withdraw your allegation.



In the case of my own mother I had to bring her to the USA to get her the medical attention she so desperately needed - she was suffering dreadful pain from her spine - the NHS solution: prescribe addictive pain killers. Was an MRI done? Nope, not even mentioned to my mother. Was she even referred to a pain clinic? Nope. She was in such pain she would pass out, so out cold she would bash her face on the floor - on one occasion she woke up in a bath tub and couldn't get out, she had actually passed out and fell backwards into it.

I flew back to Wales and brought her to the USA where a simple MRI showed the problem: one of vertebra had become 'mobile' and on occasion would move out of position and apply pressure to the CNS running down the center of her spine and it was 'lights out'. Other times she was in agony.

Once the MRI was done she had an op to fuse three of her vertebrae together with the troublesome vertebra secured to an upper and lower vertebra by means of rods and screws.

My mum’s friend who is nearly 80 told my mother just the other day that ‘once you are over 70 they (the NHS) don’t do anything for you’ – what planet are you on Peter: the newspapers are full of cases of rampant age discrimination – even as far back as Tony Blair’s government this was an issue and it remains an issue today. It is a NATIONAL DISGRACE.

My Welsh mum needs a new shoulder - what are the chances she would get that in a reasonable time on the NHS? She would probably be dead by the time it was her turn to get a new shoulder. She has paid a stamp all her working life – but so what: she’s old and hell, she can die waiting for it.

I got her MRIs done here (in Virginia) and the doctor said she will get a new shoulder in about two weeks - what's the waiting time in Wales for new hips and new shoulders?

One of my mum's friends in Wales is blind (well, now blind in one eye), the NHS said they would take xyz time to operate (yes, because seniors tend to die before they get their much needed op), the woman is blind, so she went private but could only afford to have one eye done. At least now she can see with one eye but not c/o the NHS.

I already wrote to you about the farce concerning using different metals in new hips for seniors – the lack of basic testing, and the problems this has caused seniors.

Got a pretty letter about how this is being taken seriously ... wow to that.

... and care homes - the abuse of elderly in care homes is on a terrible scale. Old people living in fear so don't complain when they are badly treated or when they see someone else in the home badly treated for fear of the same or more such treatment aimed at them. You do know this Peter? The way old people in the UK live in fear of such treatment. One of my mum's best friends had her father in a NHS hospital and he practically starved to death because his food was placed out of reach - he lost weight - only because my mum's friend went in each day to feed him did he get the basic nourishment he needed - the person bringing the food (and not putting it within reach) called him "Joey" - this was a man, not a budgie. Have you already forgotten what one Welsh MP recently wrote about how her elderly father was treated while he was dying in a NHS hospital - you must know about this? She is a well known Welsh MP.
... and there's the URL:


I am not disputing your facts but the vast majority of these issues are in Wales and nothing to do with the UK Coalition. These are the responsibility of the Welsh Labour Government. And we have an older persons' commissioner.
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