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Friday, January 11, 2013

MPs lose the plot again

Seriously, do they never learn? As the Western Mail reports, MPs have sparked a furious reaction by telling the watchdog reviewing their pay that they deserve a 32% hike to £86,250. In what alternative reality?

The paper says that a survey carried out for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority found 69% of MPs thought they were underpaid on £65,738. The average level suggested for their salary was £86,250. And more than a third believe they should keep generous final salary pensions.

These are the same people who are lecturing the rest of us on economic reality and limiting public sector workers and a large number of benefit claimants to a 1% increase in their incomes.

One would have thought that they would have got it by now. The standing of politicians amongst those who elect them is at rock bottom. And the reason for this is that many people perceive MPs and others to be money-grabbing parasites whose first concern is their own welfare.

I don't believe that is a true picture but MPs do not help themselves when they reinforce stereotypes in this way.
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