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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Clegg on the radio

Whatever you might think about Nick Clegg it has to be said that the weekly phone-in programmes on LBC were inspired. Every week he has become the subject of conversation and seemingly getting a positive message through to ordinary people.

Today's show is no exception. According to the Telegraph (I was in Committee) the Deputy Prime Minister used the opportunity to say what he thinks of those MPs who answered an Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority survey by suggesting they are underpaid:

“It just beggars belief apparently that some MPs have anonymously said they deserve a pay increase,” Mr Clegg said on his weekly LBC Radio phone-in. “They are living on a different planet to think that you can say to teachers and nurses and doctors, ‘You’re only going to get a one per cent increase in your pay for the next several years but we deserve a [32 per cent] increase’.

“I think it’s potty and it’s not going to happen, certainly if I’ve got anything to do with it.”

Mr Clegg said he hopes Ipsa will now “do the sensible thing” and restrict MPs pay.
The Deputy Prime Minister said that public sector workers would be “insulted” that MPs have declared “that what they do is of greater value”.

“I hope Ipsa will do the sensible thing and follow what we’re doing in the public sector generally, which is asking people to be very restrained in the pay increases they get,” Mr Clegg added.

“I flatly and totally disagree with it. I don’t know who put their names to this. Whoever did needs to think again and also needs to think about what signal it sends out to the constituents of MPs who are being asked to have real restraint and limits on how fast their own pay increases.”

Anybody would think he had been reading this blog.
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