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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Walking blindfold

Yesterday morning was an interesting one for me as I spent a good proportion of the time with Guide Dogs for the Blind in Bridgend learning about the many obstacles faced by those with sight problems in navigating town centres.

A large group of people, along with a number of guide dogs gathered in the library in Bridgend so that a handful of politicians, imcluding myself, could be blindfolded, given a white stick and then let loose in the pedestrianised area.

It was a humbling and rather frightening experience. Fortunately, I did not walk into any walls or other obstacles, though there were a fair number of A-boards and other street furniture to navigate around, nor did I whack anybody with the white stick.

My comment afterwards was that all elected officials and officers should have to do this at least once to understand how their decisions impact on people with disabilities.

My thanks to all those who organised this event and my guide who made a very effective point very well and ensured that I did not injure myself in the process.
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