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Monday, November 05, 2012

Wishful thinking from Plaid Cymru

It never ceases to amaze me how the Western Mail continues to indulge the wildest fantasies of Plaid Cymru politicians. One gets the impression that some of these Plaid MPs spend most of their time dreaming up fantastic scenarios that will give them independence by the back door rather than having to make their case to the people.

Today the Western Mail reports that on the belief of Jonathan Edwards MP that demand for independence could soar if England votes to quit the EU in a future referendum but Wales and Scotland vote to stay in. he goes on to predict that eurosceptic Conservative MPs may have to choose between fighting to leave the EU or battling to hold the UK together. Really?

The number of leaps in imagination just to get to this point is startling, but yes, I have to admit it is one scenario that might have to be considered at some stage in the future, though I cannot see Welsh voters opting for independence even under those circumstances. The tern wishful thinking was invented for this piece.

You would think that Jonathan Edwards had nothing better to do with his time.
A quiet Monday morning in the Senedd allows you time to write this nothing blog.
Looking at the time code Peter wrote it before the working day even began.
Yes, but Peter's right. All this stupid talk about independence does no favours to anyone. I see it as the last bit of the collapse of the Roman, sorry, British empire. So, let's not pretend Wales has any chance of survival on its own in this 'dog eat dog' world of ours.
Propping up Labour will only weaken Wales in the long run. Plaid are a joke.
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