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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tackling the energy companies

Reports in the Independent and other media that Enery Secretary, Ed Davey will today outline proposals to ensure all households are on the cheapest energy tariffs is very welcome.

The paper says that Mr. Davey is expected to announce that energy companies must end complicated competing tariffs, reducing the maximum number on offer to four. Energy companies will also be required to automatically move customers on to the cheapest available tariff, although customers will be able to opt out and go with a tariff they feel is better suited.

They add that experts say that the current difference between the cheapest and most expensive deals available was about £300 a year at some energy companies.

Change is long overdue, thank goodness that one Minister at least is prepared to do something to put things right.
methane is dropping in price in the USA - should be dropping in price in the UK.
I think we have to go far beyond current "established" thinking on energy. Can I draw your attention to the Passivhaus standards in Germany and the development of modern 'Sterling Engines' which convert heat energy into kinetic energy. In combination with Solar Heaters and a Generator they prove considerably more efficient than Photovoltaic Cells, far less toxic and much more cost effective. Some old tech will still be invaluable like proper public transport (Preferably electric trains and trams) but for Hydrocarbon hungry applications the marriage of Wind, Wave and/or Tidal Power with large scale managed forestry and charcoal production and the 'Fischer-Tropsch' process we can produce a 'Zero-Carbon' cycle with current fossil fuel delivery infrastructure.

Basically what I am saying is that we can decrease demand significantly with easily accessible measures and produce clean carbon neutral energy via non-traditional means (We really ought to look at CO2(Tn) per £GDP/Head as a measure of effective resource use - there are others also). The technology is there but I seriously worry if the political will exists. Is there too much vested interests in the established energy players?

A viable Welsh Economy could certainly do with some clean energy production!
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