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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sleepwalking with Ed

The BBC report that the Labour Leader will give a speech to the CBI later today in which he will say that Britain is "sleepwalking" into leaving the EU, which would undermine the UK's economy and leave it "voiceless and powerless."

This is the same Ed Miliband who joined with Euro sceptics a few weeks ago to defeat the Government on the EU budget, effectively taking a stance that would deprive Wales of valuable European funds.

In the circumstances I think any reasoned observer could be forgiven for suggesting to Mr. Miliband that he needs to get his act together and find a consistent message.

There is no better way to sleep walk into a position you do not wish to hold than allowing your actions to be determined by political opportunism.
Besides, with Gordon Brown either as Chancellor or Prime Minister, Labour in government was as effectively Eurosceptic as Cameron.
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