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Friday, November 09, 2012

Meanwhile in the jungle

I promise that I will try and avoid blogging about Nadine Dorries again if I can but I could not resist highlighting this nonsense in today's Telegraph, where she claims that she deserves up to a month off as an MP to go on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, because a Foreign Office minister is away for 20 weeks a year:

Ms Dorries, who has been suspended by the Tory Party, said she should not be criticised for “neglecting” her constituents as she mostly works “seven days a week”.

As pictures emerged of her sunbathing in a luxury hotel, she told her local newspaper, the Bedford Times & Citizen: “Would they say that to Alistair Burt when he goes abroad each week? Being a minister and an MP is two jobs and he does them both very well. But do they say when he is in Qatar for weeks that he is neglecting his constituency?”

Seriously? The difference is that the Foreign Office Minister is representing the country. She is just seeking self-publicity.
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