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Monday, November 12, 2012

First Assembly Bill becomes law, shame it wasn't a government bill

The BBC report that the first bill passed by the Welsh assembly since last year's referendum on its powers became law today at a ceremony in Cardiff.

 They say that First Minister Carwyn Jones fixed an official seal to documents signed by the Queen giving Royal Assent to the Official Languages Bill. It is the first time the ceremony has happened since the Assembly acquired direct law-making powers in March 2011.

It has taken 18 months to get this far and yet this bill was not even one put forward by the Government, it was an Assembly Commission bill. The one and only Government bill brought forward in this period is caught up in the Supreme Court.

 That says a lot about the effectiveness of the Welsh Labour Government.
It is fitting that the first law isn't a Government bill, but came from the Assembly itself. Perhaps Labour was stupid to pass a defective bill that had to be referred to the Supreme Court, but that has nothing to do with the symbolism of this occasion.
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