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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welsh Liberal Democrats leading the charge against Regional Pay

With Conference season about to get underway, the Welsh Liberal Democrats are taking advantage of teh opportunity to move Liberal Democrats policy decisively against the introduction of regional pay.

As I will be back in the Assembly for meetings by the time this debate takes place, my colleague Eluned Parrott will be moving the motion which will hopefully set the tone for the second part of coalition government. This is once more about Liberal Democrats blocking the worst excesses of the UK Tories.

Eluned has written on the motion over at Freedom Central. She makes it clear that moves towards regional or local pay will only further iengrain regional inequalities. She says that freezing people’s salaries for an extended period until they equalise with local private sector pay rates is completely unfair and would lead to declining living standards. Public sector workers need to see and believe that we value them highly, wherever they choose to work.

She concludes: This motion will give Liberal Democrats the chance to show that we are the party that the public sector can trust. We mustn’t forget that despite Labour’s current opposition to regional pay, they first introduced regional pay into our courts system. We must be able to say that, in Government, we stopped the further extension of regional pay.

We are calling on Liberal Democrat members to vote in favour of this motion not just because we want to protect those parts of the UK that could be affected by declining income (in real terms) over the next decade, but because we believe that regional pay will harm the economic prospects of the whole of the UK.

This is a matter of principle and one we are confident that the party as a whole will endorse.
I don't understand, what's wrong with regional pay?

It's a lot cheaper to live in the valleys v. London. "London weighting" was arguably a form of regional pay. The banks had a similar system.

The UK public sector is doing very well verses the private sector where many workers are taking pay cuts or not getting raises in part to keep their jobs.

Expect more pressure on the UK public purse as the economy takes a knock on hit from the Feds recent decision to print $40 billion per month.

This huge stack of printed money will mean imports into the USA will get more expensive for Americans (hence EU's exports to the USA will go down costing jobs in the UK).
PS the loss of jobs due to the $40 billion printing press will reduce the UK tax base hence leading to further pressures on the UK public purse.
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