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Sunday, September 23, 2012

More apologies needed

Here in the Brighton the party has really embraced the Nivk Clegg apology. The Liberal Democrat Image stand, which sells branded party goods even as mugs and badges for sale emblazoned with the leader's photograph and the textbook his apology.

Most representatives think Clegg did the right thing and naturally there is a clamour for other party leaders to follow suit, a mood that has been picked up by the Sunday Telegraph today.

Some of their examples are a bit esoteric but I definitely agree with this one, that Ed Miliband's should say:

SORRY: for being a key player in a government that let spending and the deficit spiral out of control. Labour spent billions on hare-brained schemes such as a new IT system for the NHS that never worked, hiring managers at a faster rate than it appointed nurses, and cutting GPs’ hours while paying them more. Billions went on education, while Britain plummeted in international league tables in maths, reading and science.

While he is at it the Labour leader should also apologise for his party's illegal war in Iraq, failing to regulate the banks and for breaking Labour's own manifesto promise on tuition fees - twice!
"Some of their examples are a bit esoteric ..."

Presumably that's code for "so right-wing that not even David Laws would agree with them"!
Not to mention selling a large part of our gold reserves at the bottom of the market, locking up innocent children in Yarlswood and introducing other aspects of the police state.

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