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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Liberal leaders and dodgy songs (David Steel revisited)

As I noted on Twitter today that the Nick Clegg musical version of his sorry video is starting to edge towards the top fifty in the charts, I recalled that he is not the first leader of the third party to have been unwisely associated with musical publishing

Deep in the recesses of time David Steel released a single as well. I cannot recall the name of it except that the word 'Liberal' was in the title. I do recall, with the assistance of Mark Pack, that the sleeve contained an illustrated guide on how to do the Liberal dance and also that it bombed in charts. It was even worse than attempts by the likes of William Shatner to carve out a musical career.

Google is no help but Mark Pack tells me he has a copy so I am relying on him to fill in the details if he is ever inclined to dig it out. Unless that is others can do so first.

Update: I have now tracked down a version of this song on YouTube as played to David Steel when he was on 'Have I got news for you'. It is here.
I have an open mind on the Clegg remix.

But to go back to the darker musical history of the party
I believe the David Steel single was called "I feel Liberal, all right" and it included David saying "Together we can change the face of British Politics). It was pretty dire. I don't think the single was so much released, more escaped.

However, on a slightly different track, I can recall an article on the Daily Mail showbiz page, circa 1976, when IIRC, Steve Harley (of 'Come up and see me make me smile' fame) said he'd like to stand as a Liberal some day.

Now that could have really led to some good music .
David Steel would not as Liberal leader have had to apologise for failure to abolish tuition fees - because he would have overridden the conference decision on the issue when drawing up a manifesto.
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