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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Will Cameron ditch Heathrow policy?

Today's Telegraph is speculating that the Prime Minister is likely to move Transport Secretary, Justine Greening to another Cabinet position so as to pave the way for a third runway to be built at Heathrow.

They say that Miss Greening, who is a West London MP, has led the campaign against the expansion of Heathrow and is not likely even to consider allowing a third runway while responsible for the policy.

In addition the Conservative manifesto ruled out expanding the airport, whilst the Liberal Democrats are also opposed. Despite that the third runway is the main demand of business leaders desperate for the Government to kick-start the economy. A consultation is expected to be announced in the autumn on Britain's airport capacity.

The paper adds that it is thought that the Government may begin planning for a third runway immediately after the next election, therefore avoiding accusations that the Tories have broken a manifesto pledge. Miss Greening, regarded as a rising star in the party, is likely to be moved to another high-profile position.

Could this be a defining battle within the coalition? This is not just about the impact on London. It is also about the Government's green credentials. Although this is yet more reshuffle speculation, it raises important questions that need to be answered over the next few months.
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