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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Blair effect

Today's Telegraph reports that former Labour Leader, Tony Blair's public duties since leaving office have cost the taxpayer £400,000 a year.

They say that the former Prime Minister, who has become a Middle East envoy, continues to draw money from the public purse after leaving Downing Street five years ago:

The bill to the public includes his maximum Prime Ministerial pension, which is worth around £70,000.

He also receives £115,000 allowance to carry out his public work while his security team – including round-the-clock police protection – is believed to cost at least £250,000 a year, according to the Daily Mail.

Since leaving Number 10, Mr Blair, 59, has reportedly amassed a fortune of £30 million through a range of interests including speeches and consultancy work.

Apparently, former Prime Ministers can claim a pension that is "one half of salary at the time of leaving office" regardless of the length of time served. This has been declined by Gordon Brown but not Blair.
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