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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Labour hypocrisy?

I am uneasy myself at UK Government plans to export NHS services overseas so as to generate income for reinvestment in the domestic service, but Labour appeared to have excelled themselves in their criticism of the scheme.

According to the Telegraph, Labour have criticised the proposals as an example of David Cameron's “rampant commercialisation” of the NHS, however, it has now emerged that Gordon Brown’s government set up a profit-making arm called NHS Global to “maximise its international potential… and bring benefits back to the UK taxpayer”.

Its purpose was to “market valuable assets across the system overseas, ranging from innovative products and professional expertise to provision of NHS services and treatments”.

If we can bring money into the country that will be reinvested in the NHS, without compromising the quality of care in Britain then let's give it a try. But really, Labour do need to get their story straight.
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