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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Working together?

Reflecting further on the comments by BBC Correspondent Vaughan Roderick on his blog, which I referred to last week that “With Plaid Cymru having spent a year navel gazing, at times it has appeared that the Lib Dems, with their 5 AMs are the most effective of the three opposition parties. Some Tories are of the opinion that this cannot continue.” it seems that there is a need for all three opposition parties to get together do something about that.

Naturally, it is nice for the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Kirsty Williams to be singled out in this way, but it cannot be right that the Labour Government is being let off the hook week in week out by the fact that the parties facing them do not work more closely together on key votes and important issues.

In some ways that is to be expected as both Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Conservatives both have new leaders who are keen to make their mark. It is also the case that both Andrew R.T Davies and Leanne Wood represent ideological positions that are diametrically opposed to each other.

It is not for the Welsh Liberal Democrats to act as relationship counsellors in this scenario, though we have tried, but it is clear that even the best opposition leader can only get so far in holding the Government to account when they do not have the active cooperation of other parties.

Perhaps the issue that came to light this morning around the publication of e-mails relating to an independent report on the Welsh health service will change all that. Whether it was coordinated or not, all three leaders used First Minister's questions today to raise this issue. As a result the question time session was much more effective.

We need more of that when we reconvene after the summer recess, as well as joint working on motions and votes. This Labour Government cannot be let off the hook much longer on important issues.

1isn't it about time that plaid revealed the agenda they have for wales to seperate fom britain as a whole. if thisis done in the name of independance the first thing is out of the common market so no eu money, most big bussiness will want to leave as there will be no grants because there will be no money. if this happens what are the fEre wales from westminster brigade going to blame it on. this is wanted by a minority of welsh , the majority have more sense than to give power to the free wales army. unlss they put us all into the welsh forever brigade and open up the mines; but then they need money to do that and this will be in very short supply.
One of the rare occasions I wholeheartedly agree with Peter Black, there is common ground between all three opposition parties and we should use that common ground to challenge and scrutinise the government more effectively.
We should be doing that in Local Government as well.
Scrutiny of Labour-led governments in the Assembly has been poor. LibDems and Plaid have supported Labour in government, and paid the electoral price for it afterwards.

The LibDems are on a long term loser, wedded to the Tories at Westminster, and facing decimation at the next election - to the extent that they daren't pull the plug on the Coalition. That's the problem with trying to be all things to all men - an abdication of principle - coupled with being shafted by the Tories - which might be described as party of privilege and greed.

I don't know what planet your first commenter lives on, but Plaid has unequivocally declared its flagship policy to be independence for Wales, as the best solution to our long standing problems, which unionist governments have failed to address.

I agree with Plaid Gwersyllt that the opposition parties in the Assembly need to be an effective opposition to Labour. The Tories, under their present leader, have shown that they do not have our best interests at heart.

A set of circumstances has allowed that party to reach its high watermark of support in the Assembly, which it is unlikely ever to exceed, regardless of what happens to Labour. The latest opinion polls indicate that support for the Tories under Andrew R T Davies has plummeted.
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