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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Exploiting the #Romneyshambles

Mitt Romney's gaffs in the UK have made a big impression across the pond and already the Democrats are using them against him.
Actually it will be seen for what it is - a fit up.

I support President Obama and will be voting for him (I really like his Health Care legislation and associated health plans and believe in free health care at the point of need; it is so wrong that some 30 million Americans with pre-existing conditions could not get health care coverage).

But imho attempting to humiliate the leader of 40% of the American voting population - how sensible was that?

A similar thing happened to Murdoch – how sensible was that?

Now billions in investment and hundreds of jobs in new media operations will not come to the UK – Murdoch has stated that he will now invest billions in these new ventures else where.

Does the UK want super high unemployment like Spain or Greece?
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