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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dirty tactics in US politics

An American blog reports on the tactics of one Democratic candidate in Connecticut who, they say is employing dubious tactics in her attempt to get her party's nomination for a safe Senate seat.  They say that Senate candidate Susan Bysiewicz (who is trying to replace Senator Joe Liebermann who is retiring) is running an attack TV ad against her opponent, Chris Murphy, that is demonstrably false. What is most bizarre is that her campaign team have admitted that the advert is misdirected and yet they continue to run it.

The blog says that the problem is that the main claim in the ad, “He’s taken more hedge fund money than any other Democrat in Congress” is patently and verifiably false:

The SuBy campaign apparently targeted the wrong Murphy. They were called on it, admitted the charge was false but said the ad would still run. Is this what it’s come to? A campaign admits it’s running a false ad yet won’t take it down? Pathetic. Murphy asked the TV stations running the ad to pull it under these unique circumstances. Apparently, they can’t (which is an entirely different problem).

Only in America? Well, clearly not in the light of some of the literature put out during the last local elections in Swansea.
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