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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cameron in public school gaffe?

The Telegraph reports remarks by David Cameron in which he says that too many top British athletes went to public school.

Now that may be true but it is also true that too many of the current Cabinet went to public school as well, however was the Prime Minister really wise to draw attention to that fact, given the rather brazen and crude class-based politics being practised by the Labour Party and others?

It would be good if more opportunities can be created for poorer kids and thanks to the Liberal Democrats in Government, some progress is being made on this. But a lot more needs to be done.

Sport can break down barriers and schools need to use it to do just that.

Could not sport be used in Wales in much the same manner ?
Most of the school I know have PE and that's about it these days
Unfortunately the UK is class-riven. At the very top of the corrupt and undemocratic pyramid - how many royals attended state schools?

What sort of example does that give to the rest of us minions?
Well, the future 'King of England' went, for a time, to a Welsh state school! (College then)
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