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Saturday, June 30, 2012

World record attempt in #Bridgend

I am off to Bridgend this afternoon to take part in a march through town to commemorate Armed Forces Day. That is not all that will be happening though, as shortly after the march finishes the local Cat Protection Adoption Centre will be running a world record attempt in the town centre.

The attempt is to break the record for the largest gathering of people dressed as cats and there will also be a Moggytastic costume show for the best dressed cat about town. The current record stands at 800 people so they are looking to smash this. Find out more here or watch the video.

It certainly sounds like an entertaining day though I won't be dressing up.
I think Bridgend's Assembly Member is also going for a world record attempt.... for the largest amount of tripe to come out of a persons mouth at any one time.
Hi Anonymous – as a result of your tip-off went to the bookies to lay a bet only to be informed that Peter is a rank outsider.

Decided to give my money to the Cats Protection League instead.
Thanks Peter. I have a much better chance of winning money when you go for the record for best informed blog writer.
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