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Friday, June 29, 2012

A right royal mess

Plaid Cymru are looking just a bit shambolic today after one of their leading members indirectly criticised another member of his own group and his own leader for their attitude to the monarchy.

The BBC report that Plaid Cymru AM Lord Elis-Thomas has called on members of Wales' nationalist movement to show the same political maturity as Sinn Fein politicians when it comes to dealings with the royal family.

His fellow Plaid AM, Bethan Jenkins has recently taken a rest from Twitter after being criticised for describing Martin McGuinness as "naive" for agreeing to meet the Queen. Whilst, party leader Leanne Wood declined to attend a Diamond Jubilee cathedral service earlier this year.

The BBC quote former assembly presiding officer Lord Elis-Thomas as saying: "I'm not going to mention anyone specifically, but I think it's about time that we all grow up in our politics, and I think it's time for Welsh republicans to be at least as polite and sensible politically as Sinn Fein republicans.

"It's a very strange situation when Sinn Fein's policy on the unity of Ireland, and how that may happen, and their policy on the monarchy appears more reasonable than the attitude of some people in the nationalist movement in Wales."

Of course everybody is entitled to their views, but the way that this issue continues to resurface is beginning to look rather self-destructive. It is diverting Plaid Cymru from mainstream issues such as the economy, health and education, and raising questions about their focus and their relevance.
I think its time that Elis-Thomas stops throwing his toys out of the pram. The vast majority of Plaid's members rejected him as a potential leader, and quite rightly. Personally, I don't think he belongs in a nationalist party.

It's also time that we had an open an honest debate about the monarchy, instead of the sickening daily hype in the press and the media.

Today it's announced that the Windsors' (Saxe-Coburg Gotha's) diamonds are on show, for those who can afford and are willing to pay for the tickets.

The royal family's wealth has been obtained in nefarious ways down the centuries, most of them unpleasant and exploitative to say the least.

I for one think that the popularity of the institution is in reality far lower than the establishment would have us believe.

I applaud Leanne's decision not to attend the jubilee celebrations. For republicans the monarchy is not a cause for celebration, it is a negation of democracy.

How many of your principles, Peter, if you as a LibDem have any, would you stand on your head for? At least Leanne has principles, and she is consistent.
There are surely republicans in the Libdems but how often do they speak out.

At Plaid members can express thier views.

It is deplorable that those of us who oppose the monarchy in Wales and the UK about (20% I'd say ) cannot express our views in our Legislative Assembly and Parliaments or are expected to take part in ceremonies devised to give the impression we support the idea of an hereditary head of state. Why should we?
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