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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keeping the Government grounded

Anybody who has doubts as to the Liberal Democrats' influence on Government only needs to turn to today's Mail on Sunday where the Prime Minister sets out the welfare reforms he would want to bring in, if only the Tories had a majority and Nick Clegg's party was not holding them back.

Cameron tells the paper that he wants to:

  • Scrap most of the £1.8 billion in housing benefits paid to 380,000 under-25s, worth an average £90 a week, forcing them to support themselves or live with their parents.
  • Stop the £70-a-week dole money for the unemployed who refuse to try hard to find work or produce a CV.
  • Force a hardcore of workshy claimants to do community work after two years on the dole – or lose all their benefits.

  • The welfare reforms that the Government are being forced to introduce so as to reduce the deficit and incentivise people to find work are bad enough, but the impact of the Tories real policies would be devastating.

    It is a sign of what might have happened if the Liberal Democrats had turned their back on Govermment, as some in the Labour Party think they should have done, and let the Tories form a minority administration, inevitably followed by a General Election and a Tory majority months later.
    I'd like to see the government doing something about Mobility Cars, I've noticed plenty of people who got a Mobility Car, so they must be on the higher level of DLA yet walk without a stick, and can walk quite easily more than 50 metres...
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