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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dr. Strangelove

Yesterday's Plenary meeting left no clues as to why the First Minister had suddenly announced that he will be seeking the relocation of the Trident missile base from Faslane to Milford Haven in the event of a positive independence vote in Scotland, despite the tabling of an urgent question by Plaid Cymru AMs.

Questions as to whether this had been a cabinet decision, if a risk assessment had been carried out and whether discussions had already taken place with the UK Government were stonewalled and we moved on to the next item none the wiser.

On reflection, I regret not asking him whether he expected to be given the launch codes as well.
That's Carwyn Jones, practicing his balancing act to be performed on the tip of a Trident ICBM.

I have just seen the Senedd exchanges on this subject and was frankly appalled with the replies the First Minister gave. He basically ignored most of the questions put to him and mearly repeated his previous statement. Basically he treated his questioners with contempt. He has brought the Welsh Government and Assembly into disrupt
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