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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

No quid pro quo

Today's Telegraph reports that not one US citizen has been extradited to Britain as a result of crimes said to have been committed in America since a controversial transatlantic treaty came into force.

According to the Home Office: “From the information available, between January 2004 and 30 March 2012, there have been seven known US citizens extradited from the US to the UK. Of those seven, none have been identified as crimes which were committed whilst the person was in the US.”

This shocking state of affairs comes about due to legislation, which I believe that the Liberal Democrats were alone in opposing. It certainly smacks of double standards and underlines the bizarre situation whereas the US is almost unique in the world today in being able to accuse somebody of breaking US law who has never set foot in the US.

Surely it is time to review this law.
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