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Monday, May 21, 2012

Commonsense from Cable

Business Secretary, Vince Cable strikes a blow for commonsense this morning by blasting suggestions that Government should cut employment red tape by stripping down labour rights and making it easier for firms to sack under-performing staff as complete nonsense.

The Telegraph reports Vince as saying that he is opposed to the "ideological zealots who want to encourage British firms to fire at will":

Writing in The Sun, Mr Cable said: "Some people think that if labour rights were stripped down to the most basic minimum, employers would start hiring and the economy would soar again.

"This is complete nonsense."

He added: "British workers are an asset, not just a cost for company bosses. That is why I am opposed to the ideological zealots who want to encourage British firms to fire at will."

He added: "Those who want to shake up the law need to realise that the days in the 70s and 80s when the unions ruled the roost have long since gone.

"I talk to businesses every day and none of them tell me that their biggest obstacle to employment and growth is troublesome workers who they can't get rid of."

Another example of the Liberal Democrats fighting the ideological right in government.
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