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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Bridge

With the screening of episodes 9 and 10 of the Bridge last night, another great Scandinavian TV series ends. Apart from the rather bizarre story line, excellent script and a high standard of acting, in my view the theme music was a stand-out feature of this series.

Already there is talk of a British re-make in partnership with French TV, which does not quite work for me. largely because the major differences in language and culture. I think it is best left alone.

 I quite enjoyed this spoof report of a re-make though in which the initial setting will be the Severn Bridge. Entitled Bridge | Bont it is suggested that this will be a co-production between BBC Bristol (former location for the production of Casualty) and BBC Wales (new location for Casualty):

 The first victim, a camel-backed cat (CBC), will be found directly on the borderline between England and Wales on the second Severn Bridge (the newer, smart one). Spurred into action by a series of 999 calls, Bristol’s top detective Martin Portishead (Dominic West reviving his west country burr from Appropriate Adult) will meet and clash with Caldicot’s top and last-ever-on-the-beat-in-Wales copper, the blonde Stori Morgan-Jones (Joanna Page), in the middle of the bridge. 

When it becomes obvious that exhibit CBC is not the only victim, social justice is identified as the compelling motive for further crimes where someone calling himself ‘No4Toll’ seeks to end the exorbitant tolls for entry into Wales after crossing the bridge. Soon, members of the media are frenzied by No4Toll’s calling cards, as members of high government are traumatised by his threats.
Many thanks for the mention. Very pleased you enjoyed my spoof!
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