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Monday, April 09, 2012

Scores on the doors

I am not sure what to make of this story in the Telegraph that a new 'app' is being developed for the Prime Minister’s personal iPad tablet computer that will give him management data about his ministers’ performance.

The paper says that this new way of evaluating ministers’ work-rate will give Mr Cameron hard evidence for when he comes to make his first reshuffle, expected later this year.

They add that the personalised PM app for Mr Cameron’s iPad has been under development for months by experts in the Cabinet Office. It had previously been billed as a way for the Prime Minister to keep on top of Government business:

The software will allow the Prime Minister to see the latest NHS waiting-list figures, crime statistics, unemployment numbers and a wide variety of other data at a glance.

However officials are now working on ways for the app to be used to evaluate ministers’ performance, using points-based evaluation systems from corporate life.

I really hope that there is more to Cameron's evaluation of his Ministers than this, such as political judgement for example. However, there is clearly a marketing opportunity once this app is developed. I would be very interested for example in being able to look at all the key government statistics at a glance.

And who knows, the ability to rate Government Ministers on an ipad could soon be out-selling angry birds as a source of in-home entertainment.
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