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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Treading a fine line on the badger cull

The low point of yesterday's statement on the control of bovine TB was undoubtedly the comments by former Rural Affairs Minister and Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, Elin Jones.

There were in fact many low points in that discussion but suggesting that farmers might institute their own informal cull of this protected species wins by a country mile.

According to the Western Mail, Elin Jones, who spent most of her time as a Minister warning people against criminal behaviour, suggested that she would not blame farmers for taking the law into their own hands.

Such comments are reprehensible and irresponsible. She really should know better.
You're correct, she should know better and she should resign as it is impermissible for a n elected person to subtely advocate unlawful behaviour, the Badger Protection Act is in force
I think you'll find that inside the IAA the women can vote because of those who broke the law at the time (illegal demonstrations), the road signs are in the local language because of those who took green paint and a sledgehammer to the ones that were not (criminal damage) and anyone can walk freely in the National Park due to an invasion of a bit of Derbyshire (mass trespass). All of these actions were against the law, and all progressive politicians supported it.
Huge difference between "mass trespass" and species genocide!
After this PR disaster I bet Plaid members are pleased they did not vote for Elin Jones to be their Leader. I'm not sure Plaid realise but many farmers switched from Plaid to Conservative in Pembs because of her disasterous Glastir policy. Ironically others refused to vote for Plaid because she failed to deliver the promised Badger Cull, having screwed up the original order.
It might be better for her, Plaid and the voters of Ceredigion if she quietly left the scene. The Welsh Badger would be pleased as well.A job at FUW/NFU ?
Species genocide?

No hyperbole there, then
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