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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tired and emotional

The Independent reports that the Speaker of the House of Commons is responding to the recent drink-fuelled misadventures of the MP Eric Joyce by calling "last orders" on the parliamentary drinking culture.

It seems that he has plans to change opening hours, bar prices and tab debts, and to instruct staff not to serve "tired and emotional" members. They say that if Mr Bercow's proposed reforms had been in place, Mr Joyce might have been refused more wine and his bill would have been steeper.

The Parliamentary Commission's review is expected to be completed before the end of April. However, one thing that they could do straight away is to ensure that prices at Commons' bars are brought into line with those of other London pubs. That might have an immediate salutary effect and would be a reasonable start.

After all, why should the public subsidise the drinking habits of MPs?
your canteen in the Bay is subsidised too, i'm sure...
There is a subsidy which has been reduced but it also services about 1,000 staff and the booze is not subsidised.
Drink should never be allowed on any work premises.
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