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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Setting an example

As the Welsh Liberal Demorat Conference gets underway in Cardiff, the significance of the date has not escaped anybody. it is of course one year since the referendum in which the people of Wales voted overwhelmingly to give full law-making powers to the Welsh Assembly. It is also the 25th anniversary of Fireman Sam, but that is by-the-by.

One article in today's Western Mail caught my eye. It is the report of Ed Miliband's speech at the Scottish Labour Conference in which he called on Alex Salmond to follow the example of the Welsh First Minster in using the powers he has to make a difference for young people.

I suspect that Mr. Salmond needs no lessons from either Labour leader in how to run a government, especially as 12 months on from the Welsh plebiscite we are still waiting for Labour to actually do something with the powers they have been granted. Perhaps Mr. Miliband should deliver his homillies direct to Carwyn Jones instead of making such a fool of himself in Scotland.
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