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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The need to reform party funding - underlined

I have lost count of the number of times I have written on this blog about the need to reform party funding. It gives me no pleasure therefore in the light of the latest scandal involving Tory party fundraiser, Peter Cruddas, to say that I told you so.

No doubt Labour will be making hay with this but they should not forget their own dubious past practices in this field. Reform is urgently needed and Nick Clegg needs to get on with it, consensus or not.
The spending reform on offer is pro-Tory and anti-Labour. Labour should not be punished for being funded by the trade unions. That is not the right route to go down. If party funding is to be reformed, it needs to be done in a state-funded manner, to get big business and the super rich out of politics.

The real problem in politics is that the super rich and big business being able to influlence political parties, be them blue, yellow, red or green. State-funding would resovle this problem. Of course, it would create new problems for the smaller parties, which would need to be addressed.
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