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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mea Maxima Culpa

Try as we might, sometimes we stumble over our words in the chamber. I am no exception:

Peter Black: Thank you for that answer. You will know that many local authorities and bus companies are struggling with your Government‘s decision to cut the bus fuel subsidy by £3 million this year—very much a last-minute decision. At the same time, you are subsidising the north Wales air service by £1.6 million for 10,000 passengers, and the Hollywood to Cardiff—[Laughter.]

I will start again. You are subsidising the Holyhead to Cardiff train service by £1.7 million, yet 114 million passengers use buses. Therefore, do you think that you have your priorities right in subsidising air services and an exclusive train service between north and south Wales instead of the buses that many people use?

The First Minister: I can assure the Member that we do not run trains to Hollywood, whether that is in County Down or California. [Laughter.]

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