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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fighting to save Remploy factories

Yesterday morning I went to the Swansea Remploy factory to talk to the 52 workers whose jobs are threatened by the UK Government decision to close 7 of the 9 factories in Wales.

As I toured the factory I was shocked by the process of managed decline that has taken place there over the last five or six years. Although, the announcement of the proposed closure was a shock, it seems that successive Governments have been preparing for it for some time.

It was explained to me that essential machinery was not being replaced or updated, that modernisation plans had been put on hold and that vacancies had not been filled for some time. As a result workers were under pressure to fulfil all their work commitments.

I am also concerned about what will happen to the existing contracts and to new contracts that have been signed recently. These factories are not short of work. They are working to full capacity. Management need to explain whether these existing contracts will be switched to the remaining factories and also if workers will be transferred with them.

What is clear is that there are many questions still to be answered about the Government's proposals. We need those answers now if we are to have any chance of saving jobs.
I'd be with you all the way in fighting the closures, Peter.

The hypocrisy of Labour on this issue is sickening and needs to be highlighted at every possible opportunity.
I have written about this and I think that it is a deliberate attempt to shut down Remploy. Please let me know if I can do anything.
Remploy,although losing money are actually making stuff, some of it for export and should be supported.
An overall picture should be taken, UK politicians dismal failure over the last 20 years in securing tax incentives for businesses to take disabled workers on should be taken into account (many EU nations have tax incentives to hire the alternatively abled and business works on financial incentives)
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