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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fighting stereotypes

This morning's Western Mail reports that female Assembly Members are to benefit from a series of seminars advising them how to deal with the unreasonable expectations from media commentators.

Professor Laura McAllistern who has devised the course with a colleague from Liverpool University, explains that the last 20 years have seen a gradual increase in the number of women being elected to their national legislatures and over the past few years, a steady rise in women winning the top jobs of party leader, president and prime minister.

She argues that the media landscape and news reporting strategies have not kept step and that these clever, high achieving women need more help in achieving media visibility. Discuss.
Agreed ,speak to the female journalists who cover the Bay and some of the instructions they have had of editors in respect of the female AMS,would make your hair curl.
Sterring well clear of the Budget, I notice. Nice to see Simon Hughes struggling to defend the indefensible on breakfast tv this morning. He'd have done your party a favour by staying at home.

As for the women, I refer you to John Knox's famous (or notorious?) treatise of 1558. But he railed against those who gained authority by dint of birth.

Let the Scots take note of Salmond's unbelievably lavish praise of Mrs Windsor after her speech in Westminster Hall the other day. Amost had me reaching for the sick bag. Yet, he's head and shoulders above any other party leader in the UK.

I can think of quite a few male AMs and MPs who might need more assistance from Professor McAllister than the women. Thinking of joining the course, Peter - might be worth the money.
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