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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dirty Tricks fear for Miliband

This morning's Independent reports that there were fears of a "dirty tricks" campaign against Ed Miliband yesterday after Scotland Yard confirmed it is investigating a break-in at the Labour leader's offices at the Houses of Parliament.

The paper says that police were called on Friday evening after a member of staff reported that a door had been forced at the suite of offices in Norman Shaw North building:

Labour spokesmen and the Metropolitan Police refused to give more details about the investigation. The same area of Parliament has been plagued by thefts in recent months.

However, the incident has raised "deep concerns" within the party that the office had been deliberately targeted by someone looking for internal papers – on the eve of one of the most important weeks in the parliamentary calendar.

Mr Miliband and his senior team have been working on Labour's new policy programme for several months. Although, in recent weeks, their workload has been dominated by preparations for Labour's response to the Budget, which will be delivered by Chancellor George Osborne on Wednesday.

The Labour leader's headquarters include at least six offices leading off a central reception room. But the intruder is believed to have headed straight for Mr Miliband's "policy office".

"The policy office is not the first one you come to when you enter the suite, but it is where the interesting stuff is," one source close to the investigation said. "They were going through papers and trying drawers and computers. It looks like they were specifically looking for information." It remains unclear whether anything was taken from the room.

Disturbing as this is, the intruders will not be the first to try and find some Labour policies. This is of course a very serious matter and I hope that the culprits are caught soon.
I wonder if perhaps Harriet Harman might be trying "to lay her hands on" the figures that she claimed added up and "were just out of reach" this week on the Daily Politics?

Labour figures that add up would be interesting to see and would be on past performance quite novel.
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