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Monday, March 26, 2012

Another form of party funding

As the row over cash for access to David Cameron rumbles on this morning, the Daily Telegraph highlights the fact that Labour too, benefits from huge amounts of private sector cash.

They say that Chris Leslie, the shadow treasury spokesman, has become the latest in a growing list of Labour MPs to receive financial support from PwC, the accountancy giant that helps its clients avoid millions of pounds in tax.

Leslie received the services of a senior manager at PwC for 30 days, which was worth almost £47,000. This brings the total given to Labour by PwC since the last election to more than £320,000. Ten members of Ed Miliband’s opposition team benefit.

Although this type of donation is perfectly within the rules and there is no suggestion of irregularity, nevertheless it needs to be regulated too, as part of long-awaited and much-needed reform.
How about the £219,397 the Lib Dems have received from PWC or the £468,271 you have had from KPMG?

Real issue of people in glass houses herre Peter.
No you are right. This post was not aimed at the Labour Party. These sorts of donations affect all the parties and need to be regulated properly and included in the reform. That does not exclude the Liberal Democrats.
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