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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Unlikely parody

To be honest the comparison between Ed Miliband and Gromit's friend, Wallace had passed me by, but now I look at the photographs in today's Independent and consider the mannerism and general haphazard approach to life, I wonder why I had not seen it before.

Still, kudos to the Labour leader, he is not the one to complain publicly about the parody, instead that honour goes to senior figures at Aardman Animations, who are concerned at the reputational damage to their iconic plasticine puppet.

The paper says that things came to a head when yet another cartoon appeared in the national press on Friday – the eighth in The Times to portray Mr Miliband as the inveterate inventor:

The cartoon, by Peter Brookes, showed Gromit pinned against the wall with a boot mark on his back, while Mr Miliband insisted he was "completely relaxed" about criticism from his brother David. The latest cartoon was published "with continuing apologies to Aardman".

Is this Ed Miliband's Spitting Image moment?
Wasn't t Ed himself who was the first person to raise that comparison to the media? At his leadership acceptance speech. Someone else may have said it before but certainly the first time I heard it, and his brother didn't seem to impressed at him raising it either....
I noticed a likeness today between Prescott and the Churchill Dog!
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