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Saturday, February 04, 2012

New energy from a fresh broom

The loss of Chris Huhne from Government was inevitable once he was charged, however it is difficult not to draw the conclusion that the constant exercising of 'sharp elbows' was bound to end badly in some shape or another, whilst leaving few political friends to pick up the pieces.

Having said this, the Liberal Democrats will miss Chris Huhne's presence in the cabinet, where he was a big hitter and consequently was able to press forward with the party's green agenda with impunity.

We now have Ed Davey in his place, a Minister who has already achieved success in reforming the Royal Mail whilst setting aside some of the proceeds to secure the future of Post Office branches up and down the country.

Today's Telegraph reports that Mr. Davey's first ambition in his new post is to tackle soaring power bills. They say he will set out new plans that will allow homeowners to group together to buy cheap gas and electricity at knock-down rates.

The paper reports that the plans are based on the principles of the ‘Groupon’ website, which features discounted gift certificates for members that can be used to buy expensive products cheaply. This is not a new departure as Mr. Davey, in his former role as Consumer affairs minister in the Department for Business, spent the past few months developing the plans with Chris Huhne.

Nevertheless, any relief from the unremitting pressure of increasing fuel bills will be welcome and if Ed Davey can pull it off then he will have hit the ground running in his new role.
"...plans that will allow homeowners to group together to buy cheap gas and electricity at knock-down rates"

Who is he hoping to kid?
The stumbling block maen_tramgwydd is the lack of competition, who do you bargain with when the song sheet is shared by the suppliers.
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