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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

More on AWEMA

The First Minister has been answering questions again today on the alleged financial irregularities and other matters around the All Wales Ethnic Minorities Association, on which issue I posted yesterday.

It appears that the Government's report will be published on Thursday, though I understand that it will not address the human resource issues that have caused so much anguish for many former employees of the charity.

The First Minister says that the Government will then carry out a lessons learned review and publish the 2003 report into AWEMA at the same time. That is hardly satisfactory and looks set to drag out the affair for many more weeks.

Next week is half term. If a suitable and accepable conclusion has not been reached when the Assembly reconvenes on 21st February then the pressure on the Government to act decisively to resolve this controversy will be even more intense.
you are indeed correct that this is not satisfactory but a question that really does need to addressed is the investigation have not contacted any of the former trustees. The former vice chair emailed the First Minister offering to assist the investigation and did not even get the courtesy of a reply. I am mickthebookman
This is not a justification as I agree with you that the former trustees should have been contacted. The reason I am told they havent been contacted is because the report is NOT addressing the HR issues and because the Government already have the Dunn report and do not feel it necessary to talk to him further. Unbelieveable!
thanks for that answer but does not please me tbh not your fault I know its just wrong
I wonder if it is just negligence on part of WG or are they complicit
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