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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A limited ambition

The Western Mail reports that Wales' First Minister Carwyn Jones has been pressing the UK Government to give the Assembly new powers over renewable energy projects.

However, the Welsh Labour Government is limiting its ambition to having control over projects up to 100mw only, as opposed to the current 50mw and so far, has not set out any framework as to how applications for energy projects will be approved.

Their stance lacks ambition whilst their failure to address the way that any further devolution will be delivered means that they are unlikely to have a very sympathetic hearing.

As it happens the existence of the Silk Commission seems to have put a hold on any further power-transfer to Cardiff Bay for the time being. Perhaps that hiatus will give the First Minister time to get his act together.
I can't disagree with any of that.
According to some reports Germany is getting out of the solar-subsidy business; Spain ploughed billions into renewables only to see its job market collapse. Now Welsh Labour that has done so much to boost Welsh GVA wants more power over renewables.
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