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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Labour's credibility problem

With the Welsh Labour Conference getting underway in Cardiff today, the airwaves are being dominated by the brothers and sisters talking the talk about ideological cuts and the evil coalition government in Westminister.

Their enthusiasm for oppositionist politics however, is being undermined by the actions and words of their front bench spokespeople elsewhere. Labour is in danger of falling into the a trap they always seek to set for others, namely saying different things in different places for political advantage.

This is underlined even in today's news, where it is reported that Maria Eagle, one of Ed Miliband's earliest supporters in the shadow cabinet, has said she backs transport spending cuts worth £6bn, and has warned that Labour will not be elected unless it has credibility on the deficit and recognises the new economic reality.

Here at least is a politician who understands the challenges that the government has inherited. Welsh Labour on the other hand are beginning to come across as a protest group.
quite agree, but the unfortunate thing is that they get away with it, whilst the electorate think that the UK coalition still run Education and Health. I constantly meet people who think that Andrew Lansley's health reforms are happening in Wales and that Labour are campaigning against them. It is a disgusting con trick
While England run the purse strings sadly they can do as they like to make Wales sit up and beg
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